Spa & Wellness

Pure bliss awaits you in Finca Bellavista’s riverside spa cabin

After a day of hiking, exploring, climbing waterfalls, and adventuring at Finca Bellavista, what could be better than a little pampering? Finca Bellavista offers a variety of spa and wellness treatments in a cabin overlooking Rio Bellavista. Soothe your soul and your senses with a massage or facial and enjoy the sounds of a whitewater river in the background. Services in our spa and wellness cabin provide an unmatched relaxation experience for guests to Finca Bellavista, and are sure to  be a highlight of your trip to Costa Rica.

Please inquire at check-in for pricing and availability of the following services:


The power of touch crosses time and cultures… the laying of hands calms, comforts, nurtures and aids in healing. A variety of massage techniques are available with our therapist, each designed to cure what ails you. Whether you seek a gentle relaxation style or a more intense deeper tissue method, our therapist will help you determine what will work best for your current needs.

Cupping Detox Massage

Cupping is a powerful cleansing and invigorating technique. Cupping is created with the use of cups to stimulate blood circulation and pull impurities to the surface of the skin, enabling the lymphatic system to eliminate toxins naturally and efficiently. Cupping therapy applies pressure to the muscles and utilizes gentle pressure to relieve pain and stimulate lymphatic drainage. This technique loosens sore and stiff muscles, promotes relaxation, detoxifies the body, improves skin tone, firmness and more.

Hot Stone Massage

Hot stone massage is a form of massage that follows the same principles of Swedish massage with the addition of heated stones that facilitate muscle relaxation.


Enjoy a facial on its own or as an add-on to a massage. Our facial options vary depending on what is available from the garden, and we may be able to create one you are familiar with depending on availability of ingredients.