Featured Gallery – Paul Abravaya

In the artist’s words:

I have always been fascinated and interested in nature. I have a Master’s degree in zoology; I worked for five years in Brazil at a biological museum where I discovered a new genus of mammal, Abrawayanomys, a new species of hummingbird, Phaethornismargarettaeand found the first living specimen of the enigmatic frog, Macrogenioglottus alipioi. I  have published papers in scientific journals. During these endeavors I saw first hand the destruction of rainforest, where good timber was logged out and the rest cut with chains dragged between bulldozers then burned in large clay ovens to make charcoal used to smelt iron ore. I would drive on roads where once magnificent forest stood to find wanton destruction, lifeless clay soil and the pungent smell of the wood burning in ovens.

This experience led me to become a biology teacher, and the owner of a tour company that specialized in eco-tours to Costa Rica, Panama and Brazil. These tours were mainly for teachers, to help them understand what could be done to help preserve these pristine habitats, their ecological importance and to be able to share with their students in the classroom.

I especially love Costa Rica because of its dedication to habitat preservation. Finca Bellavista is a positive example of ecotourism helping to protect the environment.

My photographs can be found at www.PaulsNatureImages.com

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