Once upon a time …

Finca Bellavista co-founder Mateo went on a vacation to Costa Rica. He fell in love with the Southern Zone, and called his partner Erica to explore finding a getaway in the tropics… maybe an old surf shack or a bungalow in the rainforest.

On Erica’s 29th birthday, they stumbled upon what would later become Finca Bellavista. At the time, the property was marketed for sale as a timber harvest site. Both felt compelled to find a better fate for this enchanted land. As they brainstormed ways to finance purchasing the property, Erica brought up the idea of saving the trees by creating a treehouse village within them. Kind of like the Ewok village in Return of the Jedi…

Team FBV, circa February 2012

Since then, Finca Bellavista has become an off-grid paradise where people can live in the treetops and enjoy a life less ordinary. The community now encompasses over 500 acres, including an entire peninsula of rainforest mountain, frontage on two whitewater rivers, big trees, organic gardens, and lots of Costa Rican wildlife. A handful of dedicated employees, owners and friends have contributed their time, energy, and creativity in to make ‘the finca’ what it is today.

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