Education and conservation efforts take community action. We consider ourselves lucky and proud to be able to call the following organizations our partners in our quest to conserve our special home in the rainforest.


photo by James Lozeau

WESTERN STATE COLORADO UNIVERSITY  -WSCU’s Center for Environmental Studies is starting a Masters in Environmental Management (MEM) program that enables post-bachelor students to earn their degree while at Finca Bellavista. Apply before October 1, 2013, and the application fee will be waived! If you are interested in learning more about this program, contact the Director of MEM, Dr. John Hausdoerffer, at 970.943.3450 or [email protected]

PRETOMA – PRETOMA is a Costa Rican non-profit NGO founded in 1997. They are a marine conservation and research organization working to protect ocean resources and promote sustainable fisheries policies in Costa Rica and Central America.

SEETurtles – From leatherbacks to loggerheads, six of the seven species of sea turtles that swim the world’s oceans are threatened or endangered. SEE Turtles helps protect these inspiring creatures by connecting travelers and volunteer to key turtle hotspots and responsible tour operators.

ProCat – Proyecto Conservación del Área Talamanca (ProCAT) has the goal of improving the state of biodiversity knowledge for the Caribbean Talamanca Region of Costa Rica so that management and conservation decision-making can be based on a solid scientific foundation. The project’s focal species is the jaguar, which once inhabited the entire region but is now rare or absent throughout much of its historic range. In the Caribbean lowland of Costa Rica, the jaguar is both an indicator of ecosystem health and has powerful spiritual value among the Bribri and Cabécar Amerindians, who are native to the region.

Maya Nut Institute – The Maya Nut Institute is a non-profit 501(c)3 public charity founded in 2001. Their mission is to ‘find balance between people, food and forests’ by teaching rural communities about about the value of Maya Nut (Ojoche) for food, fodder, ecosystem services and income. We are hopeful to begin bringing the culture of Ojoche back to life in the AMISTOSA area in 2012.

World Wildlife Fund Central America  – Our goal is to develop sustainable agriculture that diminishes the impact to the marine ecosystem, and therefore, to two of the main activities that depend on the reef, the fishing and the tourism.

Conservation International (Costa Rica office) – CI’s approach to protecting Mesoamerica’s natural bounty involves conservation as well as nurturing economic opportunities for people living in the region. CI has joined with public avgncies and wildlife groups in Mexico and Central America to promote the need for protected areas. Establishing and linking nature reserves will safeguard jaguars, black howler monkeys, river turtles and other threatened species against extinction.

Pura Vida Horsemanship Fund – These folks help provide care and training for working horses in Costa Rica.

Pack for a Purpose – Wherever your travels might take you, be sure to check the Pack for a Purpose website to see whether there is a school, foundation, or other entity that needs your help. If you have space in your luggage, it can be filled with school supplies, medical supplies, or any number of needed items.

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