Volunteer Opportunities


photo by James Lozeau

Are you ready to do something different?

In 2011, Finca Bellavista started a volunteer program to meet the demand from people all over the world that wanted to live and work within our rainforest village. Bringing on extra folks and adding helping hands seemed logical given the rapid growth of the community and needed services. Since then, the volunteer program has morphed into a mutually beneficial situation that has not only benefitted our community but has enriched many people’s lives in the process. We are happy to provide a life-changing experience and unique opportunity to the adventurous souls that gravitate towards our volunteer program and help us manifest our community goals. Without volunteers, Finca Bellavista would not exist as it does today!

The majority of duties in the volunteer program are currently focused on enhancing the guest experience to Finca Bellavista. Volunteer positions are primarily hospitality focused. When funding allows, volunteer activities will supplement the programs and outreach of our non-profit branch, The Bellavista Initiative.

All positions within Finca Bellavista’s work exchange program are unpaid. We currently require a 2-month time commitment (we can no longer make exceptions). These positions are ideal for folks that want to experience a different culture, a different country, warm up during the winter, practice their Spanish, or just take a break from their normal routines. This is an ideal situation for students, teachers, and seasonal or resort employees that have larger stretches of time available outside of a conventional work schedule. Every volunteer is a part of something special here at the finca. We hope that volunteers, even though unpaid, understand that they provide a very important resource for us in terms of manifesting our community. Every action here is a contribution, from taking out the garbage, to doing dishes, to raking leaves, to planting trees, to showing curious visitors to the garden or a treehouse. We are in a period of extreme growth and appreciate all the help we can get. Likewise, if you have ideas or talents that you can contribute, we want to hear about them and see if we can implement them.


This is a great opportunity for recent graduates, travelers in their 20s & 30s, and those that want to experience Finca Bellavista on a shorter-term basis. Daily volunteer duties include showing visitors to tree houses, helping cook and clean up meals, assisting in the gardens, feeding and caring for chickens, or answering guest questions.


This program is geared towards retirees, couples, and other mature persons that can perform office duties (check-in, check-out) and have a desire to  interact on a more personal level with guests to Finca Bellavista. We also consider it the ‘graduate’ program for previous volunteers and ideal for persons that want an annual or re-occurring gig at the finca. Longer-term time commitments and previous volunteers are given priority for camp host placements.


Student internships in eco-tourism, hospitality industry and similar focuses are available upon request. A faculty point of contact must be provided, along with a project proposal to receive credit.


photo by James Lozeau

What we require:

Each person must be 18 years of age or older.

Each person must have their own health insurance (this can be short-term travel insurance) and have proof of insurance while on-site.

Each person must prove financial solvency ($500 in a bank/debit account OR a valid credit card) prior to commencing work. This is to ensure that you can provide for yourself upon departure from the finca for days off, personal emergencies, or upon completion of position.

Each person must pay for their own laundry, entertainment, and care while on-site at Finca Bellavista. 

Each person must provide proof of entering Costa Rica legally and have a valid passport from their originating country.

Each person must provide their own bedding, biodegradable toiletries, and clothing.

Each person must provide their own local/domestic/international transportation to and from Finca Bellavista, including all air, bus, boat and taxi fares. In addition, you must organize or maintain their person transportation on days off.

Each person must maintain an appropriate level of appearance, cleanliness, and attitude while on premises.

Each person must contribute $100 per week For room & board. Half of the term must be pre-paid prior to your arrival and is non-refundable.

Work duties in the volunteer program are primarily focused on enhancing the guest experience at Finca Bellavista and helping out our local crew.

Respect for all visitors, guests, owners, and employees at FBV regardless of race, color, religion, political background, or sexual orientation. (We have a no tolerance policy for people that cannot respect others and you will be asked to leave.) You will be expected to sign and accept our Code of Conduct, included here: FBV CODE OF CONDUCT – English     FBV Código de Conducta Asociado – Espanol

What we provide:

-Volunteers have a shared room in the bunkhouse with access to the community center and the natural amenities of the finca. (Camp Hosts have a small cabin at base camp that is accessible to the community center.) The community center includes a bathhouse, barbecue area, kitchen and dining area, and an open-air rancho/lounge.

-Fantastic food and three healthful meals a day!

-An experience to live, breathe, and be in a place like nowhere else on earth! Though the finca is a bit rustic, our camp-style ambiance provides a unique experience for our on-site employees and volunteers. With a whitewater river in the front yard, a wealth of flora and fauna, and limitless opportunities to explore the beauty of the Southern Zone, volunteers have the opportunity to live in an amazing place. And, it’s an opportunity to meet interesting people and broaden your horizons in life.

-The ability to grow with us. Finca Bellavista and The Bellavista Initiative are expanding in many directions, and we are always looking for dedicated, honest, sincere folks that want to make lives for themselves here!

To submit a VOLUNTEER, CAMP HOST, or INTERNSHIP application, please FILL OUT THIS APPLICATION  and we will get back with you as soon as possible!

We look forward to having you at Finca Bellavista, and becoming a part of our growing global village!