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couple in treehouse

photo by James Lozeau

Living in the trees is a universal theme that many dream, but few experience… Now you can live out your treetop fantasies at Finca Bellavista – a place that’s off the ground, off the grid, and out of this world!

Finca Bellavista is certainly a new frontier in living… While treehouses have been around for centuries, this is the first community of its kind to be built upon the concept of creating a master-planned, sustainable, and modern community of arboreal dwellings. As treehomes emerge and begin to speckle the Finca Bellavista skyline, the energy and excitement continue to build around our growing neighborhood. These unique homesteads combine with ziplines, waterfalls, and lush rainforest to make the quintessential Costa Rica experience and provide a magical backdrop for this off-grid locale. “It’s all about lifestyle” is a saying that is reaching new heights in our community, which is truly beyond comparison to any other community in the world.

The thrill of residing in the treetops is a great way to experience a life less ordinary and enjoy the best of what Mother Nature has to offer. Each of our parcels vary in size from approximately 1/2 to over 2 acres, offering all owners privacy and space. Our community amenities at base camp provide owners and guests with a space to gather together and enjoy life… whether for an everyday or special occasion. Parks and common areas have been preserved throughout the property for the enjoyment of residents and guests, and include cool and refreshing natural swimming pools beneath a number of waterfalls, canopy immersion via the network of Sky Trails, and numerous hiking trails. Finca Bellavista also has an on-site property management company to manage rentals for our owners and to provide a revenue stream for those who can only use their homes a portion of the year.

Only a select few will feel what it’s like to be a part of this life-changing place where the whimsical merges with reality. Our residents enjoy a quality of life, sense of community, and an immersion in the natural rainforest environment not available anywhere else on planet Earth. For those that want to experience what “treetop Pura Vida” is all about we also offer discounted rates to stay on-site and explore the option of living and investing at Finca Bellavista. Property tours are available by appointment only, and with overnight reservations.

ECM walkway

photo by James Lozeau


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