Community Amenities

Finca Bellavista is a very special place to call home… therefore, we have a unique set of amenities to help meet the conventional and not-so-conventional wants and needs of those that live and visit here.

E & S coming down

photo by James Lozeau

Though we are providing an experience for humans to dwell, interact, and grow within the treetop realm, we remain committed to being stewards of this land and our environment. Everything we do at Finca Bellavista is done with consciousness, caution and care.

Finca Bellavista isn’t for everyone… if it were, there would be hundreds of communities like this in the world. For starters, Finca Bellavista is a pedestrian-access community and our primary means of accessing homes are via ground or SKYTrails. Energy needs here are and will be met through alternative resources, and all structures must be either arboreal or stilt-built in nature to allow terrestrial migrations through this critical wildlife migration corridor.

Though the finca is a bit more rustic and simple in nature than most people are used to, there are certain creature comforts to be found here. We believe there is beauty in simplicity. Simplicity also seems to allow people to fully enjoy the wonderful ambiance of what Mother Nature has provided here at Finca Bellavista. We are located 3 kilometers up a gravel road off the paved InterAmericana Highway, affording an ease of access seldom found with properties of this kind. A new international airport is scheduled for completion in the coming years and will be only a half hour away, making Finca Bellavista a reasonable commute and an easy escape from the hectic pace of life elsewhere in the world.


photo by James Lozeau

Community Center

Nearly anyone can build a treehouse in the woods, become a hermit, and disappear forever… At Finca Bellavista, social interaction is an important component of our daily lives. Our community center at ‘base camp’ is a cozy spot where people can gather for special or every day occasions. The community center includes a spacious dining area, barbecue and coffee lounge, and an open-air rancho. Movie nights, yoga sessions or game nights are common. There is a parking area, multiple food and ornamental gardens, a campfire ring, and a wedding garden. We are also in the process of building a river-fed, stone-lined pool for residents and overnight visitors to enjoy safer swimming during the rainy season.

Carbon-neutral, off-grid electricity

In keeping with our vision to live sustainably at Finca Bellavista, we have opted to utilize the natural resources present on site to provide our residents access to carbon-neutral electricity. We are proud to currently power our community by harnessing the energy of the sun, using a 1200-watt photovoltaic DC power system to operate our ‘base camp’ and community amenities. Our future energy needs will be met with a combination of solar and hydro assets, which we are in the process of manifesting.

Living on alternative energy sources often means having to make lifestyle adjustments. Though many people are accustomed to using items like televisions, air conditioning, and hairdryers on a daily basis, they aren’t necessities and actually take large amounts of electricity that alternative energy systems cannot usually provide. Small and large adjustments must be made when considering a move towards using alternative energies and living off the grid. Very small things, such as using a traditional Costa Rican “coffee sock” to make a morning cup of coffee versus a using an electric coffeemaker, and unplugging lamps, computers, and other appliances while not in use really make a difference in conserving energy, and are ‘laws of the land’ here at the finca.

                                  SkyTrail Network

zipline high five

photo by James Lozeau

Construction began in 2007 on a network of zip lines and platforms throughout Finca Bellavista that allows residents and visitors a unique and adventurous view of life in the rainforest. Many areas of the Finca Bellavista community are accessed by these aerial trails and canopy platforms. This transportation system is for the exclusive use of residents and their guests and is NOT a commercial canopy tour. Eighty percent of life in the tropical rainforest resides in the upper level of the canopy and residents can enjoy this incredible realm of biodiversity with ease. SKYTrails not only allow residents of Finca Bellavista to have a fun and adventurous “commute” in and out of their rainforest homes, but also provide an exhilarating escape from the terrestrial realm and an amazing view of life in the rainforest. Just think, no more boring, grid-locked commutes… only zippy ones!


photo by James Lozeau


Our gardening and landscaping crew have green thumbs and magic hands. They have creative ownership of and take care of Finca Bellavista’s bountiful grounds, gardens and trails. Their creations have transformed the community’s grounds into a peaceful and colorful Garden of Eden that people come from far and wide to enjoy and photograph. Many collections of heliconia, orchid, vine and other tropical flowers can be found in the numerous garden areas scattered throughout the finca. For the majority of people, the novelty of having fresh fruit and colorful blooms year-round never wears off. Having access to farm-fresh produce every day is another element of awe at Finca Bellavista.


While we are off the beaten path and feel far removed from the rest of the modern world, the majority of parcels at the finca have 3G cellular service (the tower is in Piedras Blancas, which broadcasts up the Piedras Blancas river valley). Many parcels and treehomes within our community have a direct 3G signal, enabling treetop WIFI and cell service. For those that live at Finca Bellavista, telecommuting and chatting with friends and family abroad can be done from the comfort of a treehome!

Hiking Trails

Finca Bellavista is a pedestrian-accessed community. As such, your feet will get you most places that you want to go within the community. We have created a system of scenic ground trails and routes for owners and guests to access portions of the community, and to enjoy the ambiance of the rainforest. Those with a hankering to wander about the jungle will find that our trails are a great way to explore the terrestrial flora and fauna of the finca. (We are in the process of creating more handicap-accessible trails and structures.)

Property Management Services

A treehouse in the rainforest makes for a very unique home… and we’ve found that many people want to spend their precious vacation time at Finca Bellavista as well. With that in mind, many of our owners expressed interest in renting out their homes to allow others a glimpse of life in the canopy. Therefore, we created a property management branch of Finca Bellavista to manage rentals for our owners. It’s becoming a great way to share the “quintessential Costa Rica experience” of Finca Bellavista with the rest of the world and share the treetop Pura Vida. In many ways, Finca Bellavista is functioning somewhat as a treehouse resort community.

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