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When making information requests, please provide your correct contact information and be as detailed as possible with your questions. We will get back with you as soon as possible. On occasion, our internet signal can be unreliable and we ask that you take this into consideration. Because of our unique location in the Costa Rican rainforest, we lack a land line for direct telephone calls. 99.9% of our communications with the outside world are via email given logistical challenges present! If you do not receive a response from us, please check your junk mail folder prior to getting upset with us for not answering. Our current turn-around time is 24-48 hours. We do not have a telephone, sorry!


All of our reservation information, including planning pointers, travel tips, packing lists, and availability calendars, can be found under the Stay & Play link. We cannot take reservations via telephone at this time, as we lack signal at Finca Bellavista.


Do you want to Volunteer at Finca Bellavista? Fill out an application, and we’ll get back to you!

Property Purchases

The majority of our lifestyle information can be found in the Live & Grow section of the website. This is a great place to find starter information if you are thinking about treehouses and living with us in the rainforest! You can also contact our sales agent directly.

Media Inquiries

If you are interested in receiving information about using Finca Bellavista for a production of any kind, please visit our Location and Media Services page.

We prefer not to give directions to Finca Bellavista due to the unique nature of our project. At this time, exact directions will be provided upon making overnight reservations only. Please contact us prior to making plans to visit. Property tours by Finca Bellavista and its employees are only available by appointment only. We are sorry for any inconvenience this may cause your party, but this is our home and we need to plan for visitors and guests in order to schedule days off, plan for deliveries, determine employee coverage, and many, many other factors.

When planning your visit to Finca Bellavista, please remember that the treehouses and the land they exist on are private property. If your visit is not pre-arranged, you will not get to tour the property or see the treehouses. We can no longer accommodate day visitors of any kind due to increasing demands on our schedules. All visitors and guests to Finca Bellavista must sign-in at our office and register their visit. If you do not register, you will be considered TRESPASSING on private property.We look forward to hearing from you!
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