*Finca Fresh* Food

One of the most enjoyable aspects of living in this lush environment is the ability to have year-round access to fresh fruits and vegetables. With a growing body of residents and visitors, our appreciation of this element is expanding into the creation of a very special and localized food culture here at Finca Bellavista. Our goal is to have a 5-mile food ‘radius’, but to grow and produce the majority of our food onsite.


photo by James Lozeau

Finca Bellavista is located within an area that is largely secondary growth rainforest. Many sections of the finca are reclaimed pastureland, and our garden crew has worked wholeheartedly to bring back and nurture the existing fruit trees and crops. These sections of land – we call them forest gardens – produce a lot of our staple foods to our daily diets here at the finca. Yucca, palmito, plantains, cacao, mango, tikisque , pejabayes, lemons, limes, oranges, pina, passion fruit, and squash are a few of the things that come from these areas of the finca. Our Vivero (nursery) is an area where foods like pepino (crunchy cucumbers), chayote (yummy little green squashes), sweet potato (comote), black pepper (pimienta negra) jicama, tomate (tomatoes), beninghena (eggplant) and our luscious greens (hearty mountain spinach, spicy mustard greens, butter lettuce, etc.) are grown and harvested. Here’s a full history of this land if you are interested.

Exploring the finca’s gardens is a great way to absorb the colors, smells, and tastes of the tropics. There’s always something blooming or fruiting, and it can be a very enjoyable experience to meander through the gardens see the the food production process.

Luna Llena by Matt Hogan

We use the moon to manage our gardens!
Learn more by clicking here.

Garden Fresh Goodies

Residents and visitors to Finca Bellavista can now get farm-fresh produce for a per-bag fee. Produce varies from day to day and week to week, but there’s always something yummy available. We believe this is worth every penny, as our homegrown, delicious goods are supplied by employees that earn living fair wages and enjoy their work, food costs money to grow, and driving to/from the store has a carbon footprint to consider. It’s tough to beat fresh organic produce grown on site!

Garden Tours 


photo by James Lozeau

Our gardens are a great source of intrigue for many of our guests… and for good reason! There’s a lot to see and learn. Tour the grounds with one of our gardeners and learn about how things are grown in our tropical climate. You might get lucky and get to help harvest!

Community Meals

For folks that would rather not cook for themselves or for those that enjoy a little company, Finca Bellavista provides meals in the community center with advanced notice (when you check-in is fine with us). In our kitchen, we focus on providing meals that are crafted from produce that is grown and harvested right here in our gardens. The majority of our meals are typical Costa Rican fare, though we have the occasional Pizza or Pasta Night. We serve our meals buffet style, and usually push the tables together to enjoy family style meals.

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