Our Story

Here’s a little story on how Finca Bellavista came to be…

M&E waterfall

Once upon a time, Mateo went on a surfing trip to Costa Rica with friends in 2006. He fell in love with the beauty and serenity of the Southern Zone, and called Erica to plan a trip to explore the option of finding a little getaway in the tropics… maybe a fixer-upper surf shack or a bungalow in the rainforest. The idea was to create something simple… and certainly nothing too complicated.

After looking through hundreds of listings, they settled on a Top 10 list to explore. After a long day of looking around (Erica’s 29th birthday), at the end of a steep gravel road in the middle of the jungle, they macheted a path through a tangle of weeds to the edge of Rio Bellavista. They explored about 100 yards of the property’s river frontage before deciding that it was a surreal place… nearly like a national park in its grandeur. Knowing that the property was being marketed for sale as a timber harvest site made them both sad, and both felt compelled to find a better fate for the land.

That evening, celebrating their find, they began to brainstorm ways they could afford the 62-acre property. Recalling the trees on the property as spectacular, Erica threw the idea of building a treehouse on the table for discussion. Both knew that the parcel was far bigger than what they needed or wanted, especially for something simple like a treehouse. Erica then wondered out loud if friends or other people might be interested in going in on the property cost to make it feasible… and maybe they would like to build a treehouse too… And wouldn’t it be cool if the treehouses were connected with ziplines and bridges? Kind of like the Ewok village in Return of the Jedi…

Team FBV, circa February 2012

The idea sprouted from that small seed, and that’s what Finca Bellavista is becoming today – a fantastic yet real treetop paradise where people can live out their dreams. The whole of the property is now close to 600 acres, encompassing an entire peninsula of rainforest mountain, frontage on two whitewater rivers, countless big trees, and lots of cool critters like frogs, birds and monkeys. A handful of dedicated employees, owners and friends have all contributed their time, energy, and creativity in to make ‘the finca’ what it is today.

When people ask us to tell the story of how the finca came to be, it’s very difficult for us to explain how or why everything came together the way it has. Luck is where preparation meets opportunity and hard work, and there’s been a fair amount of serendipity too!

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