Most of our visitors and residents can find plenty to do on site and nearby to keep themselves entertained!

step off

photo by James Lozeau

Explore the Rivers & Waterfalls

Finca Bellavista is blessed with kilometers of whitewater river access. Opportunities to explore the many natural pools and waterfalls are seemingly endless! Rio Bellavista is a great spot to find pretty rocks and fossils, especially after rainstorms. During dry season, snorkeling the river’s crystal clear pools is also possible and offers a unique experience. Crabs, gobies, small fish, and shrimp are often spotted, and the river’s amazing variety of colorful rocks make a pretty backdrop.


photo by Matt Hogan

Costa Rica is home to more than 850 different bird species! Finca Bellavista offers a unique opportunity to watch and study Costa Rica’s avifauna in a natural, relatively quiet and undisturbed setting. Each morning you will wake up to the soothing sounds of hundreds of species of birds as life in the rainforest canopy begins a fresh new day. A treehouse is the perfect perch for birdwatchers…Those that don’t consider themselves birders just might after a visit to the rainforest canopy! It is an experience of a lifetime.


Finca Bellavista has several marked hiking trails that access different portions of the property and provide a great way to get ‘face-to-face’ with nature.

Night hikes are the best times to spot reptiles, amphibians and nocturnal creatures that are out and about in the cooler weather. Chico, our local guide, offers very reasonable night hikes to our visitors.

the point vista

Vista at ‘The Point’ hike by James Lozeau


While Finca Bellavista has ziplines and platforms (we call them the SKYTrails), these are considered to be a private transportation network for the exclusive use of owners and their guests only. Finca Bellavista does not operate a commercial canopy tour on the premises. Use of the SKYTrails is not inclusive of a rental, visit or stay at Finca Bellavista. Introduction to and use of the community’s private SKYTrail network of ziplines and platforms is contingent on employee and equipment availability. Users are expected to rent equipment and guides through our office at Finca Bellavista. Children under the age of 12 require special equipment and it is not recommended to include them in your plans for any use of the SKYTrail network.

garden tour

photo by James Lozeau

Garden Tours & Cooking Classes

Exploring the colorful, edible gardens of Finca Bellavista has become a favorite activity for our guests. We offer garden tours with our local gardeners, where guests can harvest their own food and learn about the various items and methods of our *Finca Fresh* lifestyle. Our chef can then teach visitors how to make delicious and healthy creations with their harvests.


Opportunities abound for the amateur or professional artist! Whether you are a photographer, painter  or writer, Finca Bellavista’s vibe and various backdrops might inspire you. A striking variety of options await those interested in recording the finca’s avifauna, insects, moths, butterflies, flowers, trees, and scenic wonders. The color, composition, and clarity of subject matter can be overwhelming, but very rewarding!

Unplug and RELAX!!!

Enjoy your ability to be disconnected from the outside world. This seems to be a relatively foreign concept to many of our visitors! Kick back in a hammock, lay out by the river, skinny dip, stretch, write in a journal… read. The birds and bugs won’t mind if you take a few minutes or an afternoon to do the things we normally don’t get a chance to do! The community center’s open-air rancho is a great spot to take in a yoga session. With a scenic backdrop of the Fila Cruces mountains and an occasional breeze, it can be a peaceful place to meditate as well.

For explorers, there are plenty of NEARBY ACTIVITIES for those with an adventurous spirit!

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