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Finca Bellavista.

Upon making a reservation, you will receive detailed directions.


photo by James Lozeau

Finca Bellavista is in the SOUTHERN ZONE of Costa Rica, on the Pacific side near Piedras Blancas National Park. This  rugged and picturesque area, with its laid-back lifestyle and friendly vibe, is quite different than other parts of Costa Rica and provides a welcome retreat from the pace of life elsewhere in the world. While Finca Bellavista feels far removed from the outside world, we are only 3 kilometers from the paved InterAmericana Highway, providing easy access to towns like Rio Claro, Palmar Norte, Golfito and Ciudad Neilly.

General Vicinity Map (click to enlarge):


Finca Bellavista and its associates are NOT RESPONSIBLE for pricing or quality of service from any external service provider. 

Air Transfers

Visitors to Finca Bellavista can fly to two regional airports within a half hour’s drive to Finca Bellavista once they arrive to San Jose’s Juan Santa Maria International Airport.  Nature Air and Sansa are the two regional air carriers that fly into Palmar and Golfito. We recommend flying into Golfito, as there are more daily flight options,  services for tourists, and the view is outstanding.

Flying in to Golfito by James Lozeau

Flying in to Golfito by James Lozeau

Private Transfers

Private Transfers are a good option for travelers that don’t want to depend on taxi availability and communication, and don’t want to rent a car. While they might seem expensive at first glance, remember that you don’t have to drive, get lost, or care about how you are getting around. There are plenty available on the internet at a variety of price points. Our current transfer service of choice is Costa Rica Drivers.

Their rates for up to 4 passengers to/from Finca Bellavista are (effective February 7, 2015):

Golfito: $90

San Jose (airport area): $300

Quepos/ Manuel Antonio: $200

Shared shuttle

Shuttle services go to and from most popular tourism destinations in Costa Rica, and provide travelers with an option that is cheaper than a personal taxi or car rental. There are plenty available on the internet at a variety of price points.


Taxis are readily available in Palmar and Golfito for the last 30-45 minutes to Finca Bellavista. (A 4×4 is REQUIRED on the road from the InterAmericana to the finca.) Negotiate the price BEFORE you get in the taxi, and ensure that the taxi driver has read the Spanish directions on our pointers sheet (sent upon making a reservation) and fully understands where they are taking you. Here is a LIST of TAXI CONTACTS.


Bus travel is cheap and very good with very comfortable and clean seats. For travelers to Finca Bellavista, we recommend taking a Tracopa bus. Pick a bus that goes to Paso Canoas, Golfito, Ciudad Neilly or Rio Claro – all of these pass through Piedras Blancas, where you can request a stop. (‘Cerro’ routes go over Cerro de los Muertes and the mountain route and tend to be longer. Costanera routes use the Caldera Toll Road through Jaco and is usually a faster route.) Ask at the bus stop in Piedras Blancas for a local taxi to Finca Bellavista, or utilize the taxi driver list above. It is a 3-kilometer hike straight uphill to Finca Bellavista from the InterAmericana. DO NOT ATTEMPT to hike up to Finca Bellavista from La Florida.

Renting a Car & Tips for Driving

Renting a car and driving in Costa Rica allows total freedom of movement and you can stop and sightsee wherever you want. Car rentals are more expensive in Costa Rica than other countries. As an FYI for your planning purposes, if you drive to Finca Bellavista from the international airport in San Jose, budget 5 – 8 hours. Budget at least 8 hours from the international airport in Liberia OR the Caribbean side of the country. These timeframes are estimated, and are completely dependent upon the state of the roads and your party’s navigational capabilities.

By Boat

Finca Bellavista is an easy half-hour drive north from the southern port town of Golfito, the main south Pacific port in Costa Rica. Those arriving by boat will find Golfito is well equipped to accommodate most of their cruising needs. Ferry schedules between Golfito and Puerto Jimenez change seasonally.

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