There are NO EXCEPTIONS to these policies.

Reservation Policies for Finca Bellavista

Taxes (13%) and service charges (10%) are not included in nightly rental rates.

A wire transfer (including all transfer fees) can be accepted as an alternative form of payment.

Fields marked with an * are required

Reservations are not confirmed until a transfer confirmation number is received by Finca Bellavista. Availability is subject to change during this processing timeframe.

All rates are exclusively valid for the inquiry date(s) only. Rates are subject to change and will only be honored as shown on the website if the reservation is confirmed by means of a charge to credit card or transfer transaction number AND you receive a confirmation number from the Finca Bellavista reservation system.

Each rental at Finca Bellavista has different amenities (including sleeping capacities, occupancy maximums, electricity availability, walking distance to base camp, refrigeration, etc.). By confirming a reservation, the cardholder assumes the responsibility that they have read and fully understand the capacities, amenities, and restrictions of their chosen rental as described in the rental page description. The reserving party is responsible for any additional charges resulting in informational oversights made on behalf of the reserving party.

Reservations are not transferrable from house to house because they are privately owned homes.

All reserving parties must be 18 years of age or older. All  minors under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a legal guardian or adult upon check in.

The cardholder/reserving party is responsible for sharing and distributing all reservation information, rules, tips, and pointers to additional members within their reservation party. Please forward or share all information received with other members of the party for appropriate planning.

All reservations are subject to availability existing at the moment of  request, and are subject to change until payment confirmation has been made.

All lodging reservations and applicable charges (including tax & services charges) must paid for in full (100%)  upon making a reservation in order to receive a confirmation number.

Reservations are not confirmed until full payment for the reservation has been made.

A confirmation number will be sent by e-mail to the reserving party. This confirmation number should be presented at the Finca Bellavista office upon check in.

The amount corresponding to the reservation (including taxes and service charges) will be immediately charged to the credit card given at time of booking, provided it has a confirmed reservation status.

Refunds will not be granted by Finca Bellavista in situations when a service must be interrupted, postponed or cancelled for reasons beyond its control, including travel mishaps, navigational errors, miscalculations of in-country traveltimes, road conditions or closures, family deaths, airline cancellations or delays, acts of God such as bad weather, health issues or illnesses, acts of terrorism, or any other unforeseen circumstance.


All reservations must be prepaid 100% and are non-refundable once a confirmation number has been assigned.

Cancellations that occur prior to 48 hours of a reservation will be allowed and must be received in writing. 100% of the approved, cancelled reservation will remain charged to the applicable credit card. The credit card holder of the cancelled reservation can apply the amount paid on the reservation to another set of dates within 12 months (1 year) of the previously confirmed original reservation start date (when available and applicable) for the same rental. Finca Bellavista will not accommodate any change of rental unit and is not responsible for amenity related changes made to the unit during this 12 month (1 year) period.

Upon receiving written confirmation by the reserving party of a cancellation, Finca Bellavista commits to send a cancellation confirmation by e-mail  with a cancellation number. If you do not receive the cancellation number, please contact us. No cancellation will be valid without a cancellation number provided by Finca Bellavista.

Any reservation that has not been cancelled properly, according to the above parameters, will be charged fully to the credit card due to a “no show” and will be charged 100% of the reservation.

If the cardholder/guest does not arrive on the date specified in the reservation confirmation, and there is no cancellation done accordingly to the above points, the credit card holder will be charged the amount of the entire reservation.

Any reservation changes or cancellations must be done by the cardholder.

Reservations are not transferrable from house to house because they are privately owned homes.


Please note that all rentals are subject to listed maximum occupancies. Any additional persons above double occupancy in any rental unit (treehouse or cabina) will be charged $25 per person per additional night. This is a charge applied to all rentals that is not subject to negotiation due to costs incurred on behalf of Finca Bellavista Property Management, S.A.

The reserving party is responsible for any additional persons or charges incurred for its party throughout the course of the party’s reservation.

Luggage porters are available for a per-trip fee. Please plan and pack accordingly, and be prepared with appropriate containers to transport your belongings (e.g.rolling luggage will not move efficiently on gravel trails).

Check-in hours for houses are between noon and 5 p.m. Arrivals to the finca prior to noon are discouraged. Check-ins after 5 p.m. will not be allowed to access any rentals on the “interior of the property”. Lodging at base camp (if available) will be substituted and charged at the original reservation rate.

Check-out time for all rentals is 10 a.m.

Reception hours are 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Please plan your financial check-out accordingly.

Exact directions and additional information (including packing tips, planning pointers, and additional food information) will be sent to you with your confirmation number upon making a reservation.

We appreciate your understanding in our necessity to adhere strictly to our policies. Each of our rental units is individually owned. Owners and other visitors must schedule their visits around any reservation that is confirmed on the availability calendar. With a limited number of rentals at the finca, we have very limited abilities to accommodate any changes on the calendar, especially during high season. Remember, this isn’t a Motel 6 or a Best Western, and our availability is extremely limited due to the number of rentals we have.

Updated August 17, 2016